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It’s been a week. Possibly, a three-day weekend of rest and games will do us all some good. And maybe by the end of it, it’ll be a new week. Here’s what we’ll be clicking on this bank holiday weekend.

EdGiven things that have happened as of late, my anxiety’s been a bit peaky. I’m going to try and switch off as best I can and not think too much about video games over this weekend (I may think about Destiny 2, this is fine). Might go for some walks, do a bit of deep breathing, play a touch of gentle badminton now my back is slightly better. In a bit, folks.

EdwinWhether I can play videogames this weekend depends on whether I can rescue my desktop PC from the self-storage unit in which I have carefully placed it, behind layer upon layer of protective stationery and toiletries. To do this I must first gainsay my own mattress, which is strictly speaking too large for the unit, but which I have managed to compress to about half its natural size. When I open the lock-up, the mattress will explode outwards at the speed of sound and splatter me against the wall unless I successfully execute a kung fu parry. Then comes the treacherous, whiteknuckle process of working out which box I’ve put the keyboard in. At least one of those boxes is full of spilled curry powder and all of them contain one or more kitchen blades which I have delicately wrapped in underwear. Having extracted the PC successfully, I must then force the mattress back into the lock-up and escape the building before I am found by the manager, who won’t stop complaining about the smell. After that – well, I’ve been meaning to give Children Of The Sun a go.

JamesIt has indeed been a week. I’ve been finding myself drawn to the comforting familiarity of Team Fortress 2, which I’m beginning to suspect will outlast all of us.

KieraI finally took the plunge of starting a Dragon Age Inquisition playthrough ahead of the Dreadwolf release. I’ve played Origins and Dragon Age 2 and absolutely loved them (despite all that nonsense in the Deep Roads) but for some reason, it’s took a few attempts to get properly stuck into Inquisition. I’ve gone for a classic Rogue Dalish Elf build and so far, my plan is to basically romance everyone I can. Don’t judge me.

OllieI’m actually on a long train travelling the height of the country as I write this. I’m spending the weekend with the family, as we’re celebrating a couple of birthdays. Without my PC, I can’t imagine I’ll be playing many games this weekend. But you know what I sure as hell will be doing? Staying up til 2am Watching old Robot Wars clips on YouTube, because they bring me back to a time where things were simpler, and all my childhood brain needed was some wanton destruction to keep me happy.

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